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Leather History. Presented by Mama Gail

Friday September 1st - 1:00 pm

So What's with the sash. Presented by J Baby

Friday September 1st - 3:00 pm

Have you ever wondered what a leather title is, or what the heck the contests are that you hear about? What does it mean to be a titleholder? This class will be a summary of the Leather title system, from a run down of the major circuits, the rules and why they get broken, the fundraising, the sex, the double edged sword of entitlement and exploitation, and the reasons we do or don’t need them. This is a basic overview of the contest system with heaping helpings of opinion from a current international titleholder. As such this class is not endorsed by any title system, only the presenter.

Gorean Philosophy and Principle. Presented by House of Paledine

Friday September 1st - 4:30 pm

I would be remiss if I did not post this not so flattering piece that is Gorean. It is the first, it will not be the last. It is not all about fun and games, it is not about sex, well not always. It is, however, about absolute surrender. Slavery, while not an integral part of the Gorean lifestyle, and not at all part of the philosophy, is likely the most well-known element of Gorean culture. It is what initially attracts many, if not most, to the Gorean lifestyle, and so I feel it should be included on this site, if for no other reason than to warn some away. Why would I want to warn someone away from what I live and love? SIMPLE???? ….. For more information see you at Scissortail Leather Conference

Not your Mother's (protocol) Pie. Presented by Devyn Stone

Saturday September 2nd - 11:00 am

Like pie, power dynamics and relationships require a solid crust or foundation and delicious filling, and sometimes pies come with an elaborate topping. But what makes up the crust and what are good, compatible fillings? What would the topping of your relationship or dynamic pie look like? In this class we will discuss some basic terminology and theory behind practical protocols. We will even discuss how to create, sustain and enforce various protocols. Where do protocols fit in your life? Do you need them? Let's find out! (Unfortunately, edible pie isn’t included in this class though you’re welcome to bring your own!)

Did We Get Lucky, Or Did We Crack The Code? Presented by Master Elliot, boy Anders, and Slave Hagen

Saturday September 2nd - 3:00 pm

Trade Secrets from a Lasting and Loving P/e Triad

How do One Female Dominant and 2 Submissive Men successfully evolve and thrive for over 10 years in a Polyamorous, TPE, M/s relationship, run a leather house and a dungeon? This triad shares the mistakes and triumphs they’ve experienced together, revealing the real tools and tricks they have used to build a strong and lasting dynamic. Learn about creating Master/slave relationships that promote inspiration and growth for both sides of the slash. Beyond just effective communication, Master Elliot, boy Anders and Slave Hagen offer insights that may change your life, your relationships and your beliefs about how a healthy P/e relationship can work. This presentation will be one part class and one part interactive discussion. Ask about how to get where you’re going or how to manage challenges within your own relationship. Chances are, they have an answer for you. Attendees are not required to be in a specific dynamic or any relationship at all. What this trio teaches can change any relationship for the better.

Old Guard Protocols and why you don't need them. Presented by Hardy Haberman

Saturday September 2nd - 5:00 pm

Sacred cows make the best burgers. A frank and honest discussion of what is being called “old Guard” protocols and the myths and reality surrounding them. Provocative and entertaining, this interactive program brings years of experience and a grasp of the true history of Gay Leather Culture into focus.

Supportive Surrender. Presented by Devyn Stone & Guan-Xuan

Sunday September 3rd - 11:00 am

Oftentimes, folks on the right side of the slash ask “How can I support my Master/Dominant/etc?” when we live in a society where vulnerability is often depicted as weakness and the need for emotional support is usually seen in the context of the Top supporting the bottom. In this class, Devyn Stone and his property, Guan Xuan will review the concept of “supportive surrender” and how you can shape your power exchange dynamic to facilitate the vulnerability and emotional support folks on the left side of the slash need and desire. This class is offered to give you some ideas and a place to ask a Dominant questions about emotional support from the right side of the slash. Devyn Stone engages with his property, Guan Xuan in a 24/7 Owner/property dynamic that is structured to support him. His property functions as an emotional support slave, service dog, and even an auxiliary prefrontal cortex. He uses his property’s brain to serve his every need and whim. You will hear some of Guan Xuan’s functions, how they developed, and be permitted to ask anything you like. This class is for anyone on either or both sides of the slash.

Happy to Help: Service Pup 101. Presented by Pup Brewer

Sunday September 3rd - 1:00 pm

This class will focus on how to include acts of service within pet play and how you can include certain elements into your everyday life including within a handler pet dynamic. Over the course of class we will touch on a diversity of different acts of service a pup can be trained to do from cigar service to boot blacking to routine care. Also how to set up a service pup bag and what are things to consider when working on being a service pup.

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