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Guan Xuan

Guan-Xuan (they/we/it) is an asexual, transgender, nonbinary, sadistic property who has practiced authority based dynamics since 2004 and is currently owned by Master Stone. A co-founder of APRiL (Asian American & Pasifika Representation in Leather) and Thrive conference.

Guan-Xuan is passionate about increasing accessibility and reducing stigma for queer, trans, BIPOC, and Leather/kink communities. By day, Guan-Xuan is a licensed professional counselor who centers their work around queer, trans, and BIPOC experiences, specializing in identity based trauma and generational trauma from an anti-oppression and liberation psychology lens.

Hardy Haberman Judge Image
Hardy Haberman

Long time LGBT activist and member of the leather community since the mid 1970’s, Hardy is still an enthusiastic participant in the leather scene. He is author of several books on kink related subjects including The Family Jewels: A Guide to Male Genital Play and Torment published by Greenery Press, and Soul of a Second Skin: The Journey of a Gay Christian Leatherman and Shouts in the Wilderness, Daily Meditations for Leatherfolk.

His awards include the “Leather Leadership Award” from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, “Man of the Year” and “Lifetime Achievement” Awards from NLA-I, the “Leatherman’s Heart Award” from Southwest Leatherfest and the Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award at Pantheon of Leather. Most recently he was awarded the Jack McGeorge Educator of the Year award at Master/slave Conference in Maryland.

Hardy is a columnist for the Dallas Voice and Drummer Magazine and is currently the Co-Chairperson on the Board of Directors of the Woodhull Freedom Foundation in Washington, DC. He lives in Dallas where he and his boy celebrated 28 years together as partners in play and life.

Mama Gail Judge Image
Mama Gail

Mama Gail (she/her) is based in Tulsa where her love of leather/levi found a place. She is Women's International Leather Legacy 2018, and she is passionate about creating #LovingLeatherSpaces wherever she goes.

Gail has been leathering and roping and club boarding and presenting and judging and title holding and all the things for a while now. Today she finds herself balancing building a business, ethical and supportive relationships, and generally writing the next chapter of life.

Mama Gail has won awards, accolades, and even a few haters. She comes with disclaimers. She drops a lot of F-bombs. The honorific of "Mama" was bestowed lovingly by a drunk leatherman at the Eagle, and it stuck. She has a snarky streak and her mind is filth. Flags grey-ish on the left. Mama Gail has been in an M/s dynamic with her magical unicorn mermaid princess Courtney from the Courtneyverse since 2012.

Janet Judge Image

Janet began her leather and kink journey in 2012. In 2016 Janet ran for and won Oklahoma Ms. Leather then went on to compete in International Ms. Leather 2017. Janet has always believed that there is a place for everyone in the leather and kink community and has encouraged many people to get involved in their local communities.

Janet has been a judge for Oklahoma Ms. Leather, Kink Weekend and other various competitions. Janet is an honorary member of the Leather Guard for the Imperial Court of All Oklahoma. Janet is a founding member of Northeast Oklahoma Leather Alliance. Janet is honored to be a member of Mama's Family and is pinned as Mama's Loving Angel.

JBaby Image

J Baby is International Leatherboy 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 & South Central Leatherboy 2019. He was always curious about the forbidden, and that search for the peculiar and the internet led him to the magical world of the kinky.

In 2007 he explored and took his first baby steps into a different scene and began his journey as a Leatherboy. Despite protests, he refused to "put away childish things" and is proud to be a Leather little boy. He enjoys serving in whatever way that is, as well as finding any excuse for cuddles. He has presented for events and organizations across the country. He has also served as a Judge, Judge's boy, and Emcee for a number of contests and events as well. When having to be out in the "vanilla" world, he spends most of his time working in the theatre, teaching, gaming, and watching far too much YouTube.

Tyler Thulin Image
Tyler Thulin

Tyler Thulin (he/him) is a queer, poly, neurodivergent Switch Cat, whose list of hankies would make most people blush. He served as Imperial Crown Prince of the Imperial Court of all Oklahoma Reign XI in 2018 and served on the board of T.U.L.S.A. since 2015. He also holds the titles of TBRU Admirer 2016 and Oklahoma Mr Leather 2017.

Tyler enjoys singing and performing as well as gayming and bootblacking, and has participated in panel discussions covering the topics of leather, bootblacking, and polyamory. As a survivor of domestic violence, Tyler is committed to domestic violence awareness, education, and prevention in the LGBT+ community, so that no one ever has to be a victim again.

Lord Allen Image
Lord Allen

Halito! Lord Allen/ pup juniper (they/them) is a budding BDSM educator and podcast host on The Kinky Tavern. Allen believes that Leather, kink, BDSM, and education in general should be more accessible and a safe space for all who wish to participate. “Leather started as activism and that is the heart of Leather.”

Through their classes and through other educational channels such as their podcast The Kinky Tavern, they aspire to influence the accessibility of the community and the education provided within it, educating community leaders and participants on the intricacies of neurodivergence, kink, BDSM, Leather, and sex in a more accessible way. “We all must be accountable and try to make this community a better place”

Allen is transgender, two-spirit, nonbinary, asexual, autistic, and polyamorous. Allen enjoys their own play as a hellhound, service submissive, bootblack, and sadist, using plain language to communicate in-scene instead of safewords. They are a proud citizen of the Choctaw Nation and member of the Mississippi Band of Choctaws. They grew up in the Chickisaw Nation and currently are residing in the Caddo-Delaware Nation. They work to educate people on the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls movement while also educating about trans two spirit issues within their communities. Yakoke! Chahta Sia Hoke!

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