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Eve & Rayne
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Greetings Fellow Kinksters, nice to informally meet you. We're Eve & Rayne, a team of Professional Wanderers that travel regularly for Rayne's work and enjoy spreading our own particular brand of weirdness to everyone we meet! We regularly help out with events as teachers, presenters, performers, and consultants and are known to many as the Ambassadors of Kink. Welcome to the Weirdness!

As Queer Pansexual Poly Dominant Switches, we're a bit like human Legos with many roles in our multi-dimensional power exchange relationship. We are Great Friends who have been devoted to each other since the day after we met. Kinky soul mates for life and we enthusiastically indulge in fulfilling the other's fantasies. We've found the Holy Grail of the Lifestyle in that we have a relationship with a solid foundation that allows for exploration and evolution while supporting each other's needs, wants and desires without fear of judgement.

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Mistress Eve - Eve is an established Mistress in the lifestyle with 22 years experience in a wide range of fetishes. In Nov, she’ll be celebrating 27 years of adventures with her husband and 17 years of poly love. Among her many interests: Sex Positive Educator. Pet Player & Handler. Shibari Artist & Bondage Rigger. Cosplayer & Furry. Outgoing & Fun. Nerd & Geek Compatible. Sapiosexual. Queer Pan Poly Dominant Switch (Please keep in mind she only switches with Rayne).

Her hobbies outside the lifestyle include: Art, Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Hiking, Camping, Outdoors (She especially likes early morning, late afternoons, sunsets, and moon gazing. Less about the bright, fiery ball of death), Flow/Skill Toys (Poi is her primary, but she also enjoys hoop, fans, veils and candle dancing with both LED & Fire), Traveling & Tourism, Games, Arcade Bars & Clubs, Themed Restaurants & Fine Dining, Cons & BDSM Events, Witchy stuff... the list could go on forever.

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Pet Rayne - Hello, my name is Rayne, the pansexual, queer, shape-shifting familiar! The love of my life, as well as my Owner, is Mistress Eve. I have been in a 24/7 CNC dynamic, and polyamorous relationship with her and her husband, Sven, since 2006. I’ve been kinky for as long as I can recall, since before I even knew what kink was, and have been in the lifestyle since 2002. My primary kinks include Human Animal Roleplay, Bondage (of all sorts), Sexy Clothes & Boots, Orgasm Control, and serving my Queen.

We are currently traveling the country as my work takes me all over, often with little notice as to where we will be. But it does offer us amazing opportunities to see and experience things all over that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. Outside of the lifestyle, my hobbies are many and varied such as dance, yoga, hiking, flow, drumming, urban exploring, photography, video & board games, and many more.

Snake & Liz
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Our dynamic differs from traditional dynamics, for several reasons. I knew going into a dynamic, that I wanted to do what worked for both of us, regardless of how others did their dynamics and social norms. What I go by is, take what works and forget the rest, because if something doesn't work it has no place.

We're both on the autism spectrum, which heavily changes how we communicate and what things we both are mindful of. Our dynamic heavily focuses on pain, and edge play. We are both also ace, so sex isn't as important to us.

Our dynamic is something that neither of us forced, we felt the energy each other had, and realized how much potential was there. We decided to see where things could go, and we're still discovering new things in this journey.

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Snake - I discovered the bdsm community through word of mouth, I didn't realize it was actually a thing. I got vetted and just kept going from there, realized I very much enjoyed edge play. Took me time to figure out how much I enjoy control, and having authority, but it's something that I love.

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Liz - I enjoy being a toy to Sir, allowing him to use me and let him do what he pleases. I enjoy our dynamic being cnc and 24/7, I like being able to provide Sir service. I enjoy bdsm because of the energy and connections that can be felt. I very much enjoy breath play, and other forms of edge play. I have spent alot of time exploring dynamics, and have an interest in reading, writing in my vanilla life. I really like enjoying life, when I'm not working as a health care worker. Have definitely had to decide how to make things work for me since I am ace, especially because it's not as common and people have misconceptions about asexuality in kink. The way I do kink is less sexual, but it works for me.

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